ACUNS appointed Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa as Director of the ACUNS Liaison Office subsequent to his completing his term on the Board, which ended in June 2015. In this Liaison officer role, Professor Hasegawa will represent ACUNS’ interests in continuing to work with the three UN studies associations, as well as serving as a contact and focal point in particular for ACUNS in Japan including assistance where possible to ACUNS members who may be looking to conduct work or make new contacts in Japan. Reference http://acuns.org/tokyo-liaison-office/

連絡事務所 所在地

ACUNS Tokyo Office 1-7-2-801 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012, Japan

Telefax number: 81-3-6450-6292 / E-mail address: sh[@]acuns.tokyo


(2017 -)
長谷川 祐弘

 元国連事務総長特別代表(東ティモール担当). 国連勤務37年間。国連開発計画(UNDP)アジア太平洋局次長(1996-99)、国連ボランティア計画本部次長(1987-93)、カンボジア総選挙UNV選挙監視団統括官(1993)、ソマリア国連平和活動 政策企画部長(1994), 国連開発活動調整官(南太平洋 1985-86; ルワンダ1995-96; 東ティモール2002-06年)。日本国際平和構築協会理事長, 京都国際平和構築センター長、国連システム学術評議会(ACUNS)東アジア連絡事務所長、日本国連協会学術交流担当理事、地球憲章アジア太平洋日本委員会理事、AFICS-Japan会長。ミシガン大学政治学学士(1966)、国際基督教大学国際行政学修士(1968)、ワシントン大学国際関係開発論博士号(1984)。法政大学法学部国際政治学科教授(2007-13)、国連大学客員教授(2007-15年)、国連学会理事(2007-16年).

(Since 2017 -)

キハラハント 愛


(Since November 2018 -)

ヘルマン サルトン

 Dr. Herman Salton is currently Associate Professor of International Relations at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan, and specializing in international organizations, global ethics, international law, and the United Nations. He was educated at the Universities of Trento (Italy), Auckland (New Zealand), Wales (UK), and Oxford (UK), and holds two doctoral degrees, one in international law and the other in international relations. He was a visiting scholar at Sciences-Po Paris and TUJ Tokyo; an officer at the Icelandic Human Rights Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland; and briefly an Associate in the Under-Secretary-General’s Office at UN Headquarters in New York, USA. He has served as a Senior Adviser to the Center for Advanced Studies in South Asia (CASS) in Kathmandu, Nepal, and as Treasurer of the International Studies Association’s Asia-Pacific Section (ISA-AP). He is fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Director for Program Operations
(Since February 2020 -)
Keiichi TANABE

Keiichi TANABE


Director for Administration
(Since November 2019 -)


 Masakuni Tanimoto is a Executive Director of World Federalist Movement of Japan as well as a Secretariat of Japanese Parliamentary Committee for the World federation. He has obtained a degree (Social Sciences) from National Institution for Academic Degrees after learning at multiple universities. Launching a business when he was a university student, he stays in the current post after serving as a president of a consolidated subsidiary of a major public relations agency and the like. Through his career building, he has been involved in enlightenment activities for disseminating UN philosophy, organization of meetings regarding UN reform and policy proposal to the Japanese government.

External Liaison Officer
(Since July 2020 -)
Arbenita SOPAJ

アルベニータ ソパージ


External Liaison Officer
(Since December 2019 -)
Elizabeth K. GAMARRA

エリザベス ガマラ


Academic Liaison Officer
(Since October 2020 -)


 Dahlia Simangan is an Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University’s Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and one of the core members of the Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability. She is a former JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the United Nations University in Tokyo. She obtained her PhD in International, Political and Strategic Studies from the Australian National University in 2017, her MA in International Relations from the International University of Japan in 2010, and her BA in Sociology from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2006. Her research interest in peace and conflict studies includes topics on international peacebuilding, the United Nations peacekeeping operations, and International Relations in the Anthropocene. She is the Assistant Editor of Peacebuilding and a member of the Planet Politics Institute.

Intercultural Communication Officer
(Since December 2020 -)
Maciej WITEK

Maciej WITEK

 Mr. Maciej Witek recently obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Tokyo International University. During the course of his studies he served as a teaching assistant as well as completed traineeships at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo, and European External Action Service, Delegation of the European Union to Japan. His current interests are human rights, refugee law and intercultural communication. He also serves as a team leader for Global Education Project and supports cultural exchange activities between Poland and Japan.