ACUNS Annual Meeting Going Virtual


ACUNS Annual Meeting, which was scheduled to be held on 25-27 June 2020 in London, is turned into the first all virtual annual meeting. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity. All plenary and panel presentations and discussions will be held on-line. Additional submission of paper presentation and panel presentation proposals are accepted until 15 April 2020. For details, please see
(Ai Kihara-Hunt, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, and Member of the Board of Directors, Academic Council on the United Nations System)


[POSTPONED] Former UN Ambassador Kenzo OSHIMA of Japan will present the findings of the Independent Commission of Enquiry on Myanmar’s Rohingya problem on 29 March 2020. (29/03/2020)


The Independent Commission created by the Myanmar government presented its report on January 20 indicating that Myanmar security forces committed serious human rights violations or disproportionate use of force during the internal armed conflict in August-September 2017 in northern Rakhine State which led to mass displacement of Rohingya Muslims but that they did not commit genocide against the ethnic minority.