Trilateral Seminar on UN System] 14 Japanese scholars and experts participated in the Asian regional seminar on UN system held in Seoul from November 7-9. (09/11/2019)


Thirteen Japanese scholars participated in the trilateral annual meeting of UN academic associations of China, Japan and Korea held in Seoul. They are shown in the photo: From left to right: TAMAI , Masataka(玉井雅隆)FUJII, Hiroshige(藤井広重)HADANO, Takamitsu(秦野貴光)KARUBE, Keiko (軽部恵子)KUKITA, Jun(久木田純)TAKAHASHI, Kazuo(高橋一生)SHOJI , Mariko(庄司真理子)HASEGAWA, Sukehiro(長谷川祐弘)KIHARA-HUNT, Ai(キハラハント愛)KATSUMA,Yasushi(勝間靖)KULNAZAROVA, Aigul(クルナザロバ・アイグル) KUSHIMA, Shinichi(九島伸一)and INOMATA, Tadanori(猪又忠徳).


Thematic Session 3 on UN Reform discussed Reform Ideas presented by Three Experts (02/11/2019)


The moderator of the thematic session on the “Possibility for Constitutional Reform of the United Nations Charter,” Professor Takahiro SHINYO, Former Ambassador to the United Nations and Germany explained that the session was convened to examine the possibility for a fundamental reform of the UN. He then introduced the two presenters, Dr. S.M. SHAREI, Executive Director of the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, Brussels, and Professor ZHANG Guihong, Director, Center for UN Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai. The moderator informed the participants that Dr. Vesselin POPOVSKI, Professor and Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana, India and Professor Sukehiro HASEGAWA, Executive Director for Academic Exchange, UN Association of Japan will comment on the presentations. Ms. Amishi AGRAWAL, University of Tokyo, acted as a rapporteur.