The Embassy of Kosovo hosted a ceremony to celebrate 16 years of Kosovo independence and 15 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Japan. (20/2/2024)


Dr. Arbenita Sopaj, a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (GPAJ) the Special Assistant to the Ambassador of Kosovo and Mr. Keitoku Ikegami, a member of the GPAJ, acted as Masters of the Ceremony of the Independence Day and 15 th year of Diplomatic Relations Kosovo- Japan celebration hosted by the Embassy of Kosovo in Japan. Ambassador Dr. Sabri Kiçmari of the Republic of Kosovo spoke to the diplomats and officials of the Japanese government who participated in the Independence Day reception held at Hotel Okura in Tokyo on February 20, 2024. (20/2/2024)


President José Ramos-Horta stated the Security Council should be expanded including the numbers of both permanent and non-permanent members. (01/02/2024)


In an online discussion meeting organized by the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center and supported by the Peacebuilding Association of Japan and ACUNS Tokyo Office held on 12 January, President José Ramos-Horta called for reforming the Security Council to meet the traditional and new challenges posed to Humanity, particularly by Artificial Intelligence by expanding the numbers of permanent and non-permanent members to overcome the legacy of the Cold War. Ambassador Shinyo found it necessary to abolish the permanent membership in the long run and create a new forum for cooperation not only between the Great Powers but also between the so-called global or middle-power countries and the Global South. Mr. Chikvaidze suggested a major restructuring to include G20 members and the African Union in the UN Security Council. Please see the details of their views by clicking here.


Franz Baumann “What to do to Stop the Earth Melts Down” (06/01/2024)


Franz Baumann, the new ACUNS President, suggests that while the climate crisis is, in fact, a fossil fuel crisis, the old mantra that mitigating global heating can be achieved without cost, inconvenience, or change is fading. Whatever Big Oil’s rearguard actions, the open question is: Before the climate tips, will whatever is politically possible prove to be ecologically sufficient, or will the ecologically necessary miraculously become politically possible? The answer is if only that plan from Rio would be resuscitated. Please click here for his full article.