Davos: Parallel to Main Events, Caspian Ambassador Club meet and hold the lively and productive discussion on peace and development (21/01/2019)


Professor Vesselin Popovski, Vice Dean, Law School of the O.P. Jindal Global University and Former UN Official, moderated a lively discussion participated by Dr. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of the O.P. Jindal Global University who explained geopolitical change and the importance of rule of law in realizing sustainable peace and development.


Prospect for Sustaining Peace in South Sudan discussed by Participants of GPAJ/ HPC Joint Review Meeting (10/01/2019)


Some participants found positive and encouraging signs while others remained skeptical about the possibility for South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and his major adversary, the former vice-president and opposition leader Riek Machar and other tribal leaders to translate the agreement reached in September 2018 into the formation of a stable government. A summary report of discussion will follow.


[Peacebuilding Forum Tokyo 2018] Working Group 2-2 discusses human mobility (08/12/2018)


The moderator, Ms. Mio Sato, Chief of Mission, IOM in Japan, started the session by explaining that Human Mobility has been increasingly addressed as one of the common issues by the international community, as exemplified by that Human Mobility is recognized as one of the core issues for 2030 SDG Agenda of the UN and that two Global Compacts (namely, with respect to refugees and migration) had been introduced at the UN General Assembly on September 19, 2016. Ms. Sato stated that the aim for this session was to discuss Human Mobility in the light of Peacebuilding assistance while addressing the case study of Rohingya Refugees and responses relating to refugees and migration.