Professor Wang Min, a distinguished Chinese scholar on Japanese culture has agreed to participate in the thematic session on “Culture of Peace” at the forthcoming Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum 2019. She is a close friend of late Prime Minister Zhou Enlai`s relatives.

王敏 WANG Min
 Professor Min WANG is teaching at Hosei University Center for International Japan-Studies. She works in comparative cultural studies with special emphasis on East Asia, including Japan and China. Her research investigates how Yu the Great, a China`s legendary ruler, became the tutelary deity of many Japanese villages, and what Chinese revolutionary leaders learned from their experiences of studying in Japan as overseas students. Her recent publications include ”Yu the Great and Japan” and “Zhou Enlai in Arashiyama”. She is also a councilor of the National Art Center, Tokyo, and a member of the Peace Practice Forum. In 2009, she was honored by Commissioner for Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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