[POSTPONED] Former UN Ambassador Kenzo OSHIMA of Japan will present the findings of the Independent Commission of Enquiry on Myanmar’s Rohingya problem on 29 March 2020. (29/03/2020)

 The Independent Commission created by the Myanmar government presented its report on January 20 indicating that Myanmar security forces committed serious human rights violations or disproportionate use of force during the internal armed conflict in August-September 2017 in northern Rakhine State which led to mass displacement of Rohingya Muslims but that they did not commit genocide against the ethnic minority.

Members of the Independent Commission of Inquiry for Rakhine at a press briefing in Myanmar’s capital Naypyidaw on August 16, 2018. (Source: AFP)

Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (GPAJ)
44th Seminar
29 March 2020 15:30-17:30
JICA Ichigaya Global Plaza Conference Room

15:00 Registration
15:30 Opening remarks
15:35 Presentation of the Commission Report
     Ambassador Kenzo OSHIMA
      (Former Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations,
      and Member of Myanmar’s Independent Commission of Enquiry
      into the incident of August-September 2017
      resulting in the mass displacement of Rohingya People)
16:15 Panel Discussion
     Mr. Yasushi AKASHI, Special Advisor, Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan
     Ms. Naoko KUMAGAI, Director, Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan
16:35 Short break
16:40 Open Discussion: Comments, Questions and Answers
17:30 End of the Seminar
17:30 Informal reception
18:30 End of the reception

Ambassador Kenzo OSHIMA

 Kenzo OSHIMA is currently the Managing Director of Africa Society of Japan. His government and diplomatic service included: Vice President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (2007-2011), Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations (2004-2007), Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (2001-2003). He also served as the Secretary-General of the Secretariat for International Peace Cooperation Headquarters in the Office of the Prime Minister of Japan, where he oversaw Japan’s peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance program.

明石 康 GPAJ特別顧問
Yasushi AKASHI

 公益財団法人国立京都国際会館理事長、関西学院大学 SGU招聘客員教授、スリランカ平和構築担当日本政府代表

熊谷 奈緒子 GPAJ 理事


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