The Role of India and Japan in Building Global Governance in the New International Society – The Importance of Education(23/4/2024)


Minister of Education and Science MORIYAMA Masatoshi, and members of the National Diet of Japan exchanged their views with Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the O.P. Jindal Global University, exchanged their views on the importance of education for Japan and India in strengthening the role of leadership in the international community. Please click here for what each participant said at the meeting. (23/4/2024)


Ms. Akiko Noda, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director of the Crisis Bureau of the United Nations Development Programme, shared her views with the Japanese Parliamentary Committee of the World Federation.(5/4/2024)


Ms. Akiko Noda explained that UNDP has always been engaged in field-based projects before, during, and after conflicts, as well as before and after natural disasters, listening to and consulting with people, governments, and civil society on their concerns, and working together to create solutions for further development.

For more information click here (5/4/2024)


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Donika Gërvalla Schwarz of Kosovo visited Japan and had a meeting (3/4/2024))


On 3 April 2024, the Kyoto Peacebuilding Center (KPC), the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (GPAJ), and ACUNS Tokyo Liaison Office (ACUNS-Tokyo) organized a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Donika Gërvalla Schwarz of Kosovo, who was visiting Tokyo, to explain the situation in Kosovo. She recognized the importance of making reconciliation efforts but saw continued security threats from Serbia. Ambassador Ilidio Ximenes da Costa from Timor-Leste explained how the Timorese national leaders saw a similar situation differently and achieved reconciliation and friendship between Timor-Leste and Indonesia by following the Nelson Mandela approach of putting truth before justice. (3/4/2024) You can see details here.